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Small asset management firm with big ideas.

Warren Buffett once said that temperament is more important than IQ when it comes to investing. We couldn’t agree more. Studies show that people are their own worst enemy when it comes to their finances. It’s critical to keep fear and greed in check – avoiding costly missteps like selling after a significant market decline or only buying after a big advance. Count on us to guide you through ups and downs. We care about you, share your concerns and help you make the right decisions.

Our philosophy

Here’s how we look at your wealth. The number one pillar in our investment philosophy is to focus on risk before focusing on return. Although no one can achieve satisfactory returns without taking risk, we must constantly balance that dynamic.

Risk can be defined in many ways – especially when it comes to personal finance. While market volatility is always present, for us, unacceptable risk is the chance of permanent loss – an investment that never recovers its value or a decision that causes irreversible damage.

We work with you to identify what jeopardizes your financial success, helping you understand and take measures to control these factors. Risk shouldn’t be eliminated – rather, an appropriate amount should be taken in consideration with each client’s situation.

Our approach

Focus on what's important and within your control

  Important Not important
In your

having a plan

asset allocation / investment selection

tax mitigation

behavior and emotions

paying attention to financial media

checking your portfolio every day

trading on tips or fads, chasing hot stocks

caring what your neighbor is doing

Out of your control

state of the economy

interest rates

government policy / geo-political events

latest economic report (GDP, unemployment, etc.)

short-term market movements

what the pundits are saying

Our difference

What makes Botel tick? Quite simply, three indisputable principles that define how we manage every relationship. Integrity. Independence. And an investment philosophy built on a legacy of trust and know-how. For over 30 years, these ideals have shaped the way we do business and the way we deliver our brand of objective advice.


  • We put our client’s interests first.
  • We have known many of our clients for over 25 years and take pride in earning their trust
  • We tell our clients what we think, not what we think they want to hear.
  • We eat our own cooking by investing our own money in the same investments as our clients.
  • We assure our clients that if something were to happen to them, we will be there to do the right thing for their family.


  • We avoid the institutional pressures to push products and generate revenue for the firm.
  • We are client focused, not sales focused: if our roles were reversed, we would want our advisor to spend the majority of his time researching strategies and investments, not soliciting new business.
  • We only get new clients from referrals, so our primary incentive is to do a good job for our existing clients.
  • Each client relationship is important to us and will never be delegated to a junior person.

Investment philosophy

Based on over 50 years of collective investment experience, we focus on:

  • Risk as well as reward
  • Long-term value instead of short term trends
  • Bottom up investing instead of economic forecasting

Our structure allows us to think independently and not be influenced by shorter-term trends or fads. This philosophy has served our clients well over the years.