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Small asset management firm with big answers.

We want you to be ready for whatever comes next. So we work with you to handle the entire financial picture, from investments and insurance to debt management and retirement income. We maintain relationships with your other financial experts – tax advisors, attorneys, insurance and estate planning professionals – and work closely to choose the right approach for you. By collaborating with these practitioners, we offer all the resources of a bigger firm but are free of the institutional pressures of large companies that push products on their customers. Instead, we treat your money as if it’s our own.

Our services

Financial planning

We help you plan for every stage of your financial life.

  • Wealth creation – investments, retirement accounts, debt management
  • Wealth protection – insurance, trusts and estate planning, business succession
  • Wealth distribution – retirement income, generational transfer, philanthropy

Asset allocation and investment selection

Allocating assets

Asset allocation sets the framework for an investor’s portfolio. We work with you to determine a suitable asset allocation based on several factors, including:

  • objectives of the account
  • time horizon
  • risk tolerance and capacity

Together, we develop a diversified portfolio allocated among equities, fixed-income and alternative asset classes.

Selecting investments

In an evolving and unpredictable climate, we have to be adaptable. New investment tools and products are created almost daily...some are good, but many are best forgotten. That’s why we’re agnostic when it comes to your investment portfolio – building a plan that fits your goals. Whether it’s mutual funds, ETFs or some future vehicle, we insist that all of our money managers uphold certain rock-solid standards:

  • Trustworthy – put your interests first
  • Perceptive – understand the relationship between risk and reward
  • Proven – a long-term record over multiple market cycles

Tax mitigation

Working in conjunction with your tax and legal advisors, we use a number of strategies to help ensure that you achieve the optimal after-tax return.

  • Tax free bonds
  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Account placement (IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, 529 plans, trusts, etc.)
  • Advanced estate and wealth transfer strategies

Behavior and emotions

Managing client emotions is one of our most important and difficult challenges. Everyone is human – and when it comes to your own money, instincts and feelings don’t always make for rational financial decisions.

Sometimes, the right thing to do is the exact opposite of what our gut tells us. Over the course of a lifetime, there will be scary news (9/11, 2008 financial crisis), temptation (tech stocks in 1999 and real estate in 2006) and other economic forces. How you respond to these events goes a long way to determine your ultimate success.

Think of us as your sounding board – an objective, caring expert here to help you think before you react.